Pedestrian Liability


Pedestrian Liability

Vehicle Pedestrian

If you have been hit by a vehicle, it is very likely you have been injured in some type of way. If you are walking across the street and a driver gets distracted then there is a high percentage chance it is the drivers fault that you are injured. As a pedestrian you can be found at fault if you run between two cars or if you do not use the cross walk and cross the street illegally. Even in situations where pedestrians are found to be partially at fault they can still likely get compensation for injuries when hit by some type of vehicle.

If you are are injured by a vehicle you should try and wait for assistance to arrive. Once the paramedics have treated you make sure you file a report with the police on how the incident occurred. Describe it in full detail, the time, location, injuries, driver description and any other details you can remember. If you think the driver was driving under the influence of something then please tell the police.

There are certain situations where a pedestrian is found partially at fault, but it still could be possible to file a personal injury claim. Each case is completely different and even if you feel the accident is your fault you should reach out to an attorney today to get assistance with your case.

If you feel that you were in a pedestrian accident then please reach out to the Nazarian Law Firm and we will help you recover from your injuries and get the compensation you deserve!