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How much does a personal injury Case Cost?

At the Nazarian Law Firm we work on a contingency basis, mean that we take no fee unless we are successful in your case. The client is still liable for costs such as court filing fees, printing and scanning.

This means the client can get great representation without paying one dollar up front.

Another benefit for the clients of the Nazarian Law Firm is that all medical providers who work with our firm do so on a lien basis. A lien basis means that the clients do not pay for any of the medical treatment up front, but instead have their payment taken out of the settlement at the end.

We only take payment after a settlement check is received. The typical contingency fee percentage is a third of the case if the case settles before mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit is filed. It goes up to 40% if it goes to arbitration mediation, or a lawsuit is filed, and 45% if the case makes it all the way through a jury verdict.

So while other costs might accumulate during your injury, such as rent, car payment, insurance and other expenses, but attorney costs are not going to any you will have to stress about.

A lot of times you never hear from an attorney after you send them an initial check. With the Nazarian Law Firm you can reach them through text, email, phone, and fax.

The only thing we require from our clients is that they focus on recovery and heal from the suffering you have been through.

If you and your loved ones have been injured in a personal injury matter then please reach out today!

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