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Bicycle Accident

Whether you ride a bike for fun, or competitively, there are millions who ride bicycles every single day. Since there are so many of riders out their it only follows that there are many accidents. These accidents usually involve a motor vehicle and can result in the bicyclist getting hurt badly. The injuries much of the time can be life changing such as brain damage, broken bones, and paralysis.

Accidents with Bicycles are usually the fault of the motor vehicles for many different reasons which can include failure to yield, or unsafe lane changes, or texting and driving. These accidents are so bad many times that they kill the bicyclist. Bicyclists are given the same rights as any motor vehicle and they are at the mercy of these other drivers. The Nazarian Law Firm is here to help all bicyclists with their injuries whether bruises, broken, bones, or permanent injuries.

What to do after an accident?

Most people are in shock after an accident and forget what they should do. We offer a free pamphlet about exactly what to do after an accident. The pdf is below and you should print it and keep it on you while riding. It will help you to make sure to get all the proper information necessary to protect your rights.

Bicyclist Injuries

Since many accidents are usually a cyclist against a motor vehicle the injuries are very traumatic. Even when a cyclist wears the proper gear such as a helmet of padding it does not mean they will be safe at all. A human body hitting against a vehicle is always a bad result and we are here to let you know we can help you get the treatment you need and deserve. We work with the best doctors around and will help you recover from you your pain and suffering.

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