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Pedestrian Liability

If, as a pedestrian, you have been hit by a vehicle and sustained personal injury you need to contact us immediately.

Here Are Two Reasons Why

1.) You may be entitled to compensation for injuries you received from the driver of a motor vehicle or even a bicycle.  

Generally speaking when a pedestrian is injured by on the street, there’s a high percentage that it’s the drivers fault.  Drivers sometimes get distracted, may not be paying attention, may be driving under the influence, etc.. In such cases, you as the pedestrian, may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your personal injury and loss.

2.) Depending upon the circumstances of the incident, you, as a pedestrian can be found at fault or partially at fault and be legally liable for damage to the vehicle and any injuries sustained by the driver and any passengers.

For example, if as a pedestrian you run between two cars, don’t use the cross walk or cross the street against a red light or stop sign, then there is the chance you may be found at fault or partially at fault.

On a more positive note, often times, even in situations where pedestrians are found to be partially at fault, they may still receive compensation for personal injuries when struck by a vehicle.

Every case has it’s own set of unique circumstances.  This is where the professionals at Nazarian Law Firm can be of help to you.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident and have questions as to what your level of compensation or liability may be, please feel free to contact us for a Free Consultation 949-690-6211

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