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How much does a personal injury Case Cost?

At the Nazarian Law Firm we work on a contingency basis, mean that we take no fee unless we are successful in your case. The client is still liable for costs such as court filing fees, printing and scanning.

This means the client can get great representation without paying one dollar up front.

Another benefit for the clients of the Nazarian Law Firm is that all medical providers who work with our firm do so on a lien basis. A lien basis means that the clients do not pay for any of the medical treatment up front, but instead have their payment taken out of the settlement at the end.

We only take payment after a settlement check is received. The typical contingency fee percentage is a third of the case if the case settles before mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit is filed. It goes up to 40% if it goes to arbitration mediation, or a lawsuit is filed, and 45% if the case makes it all the way through a jury verdict.

So while other costs might accumulate during your injury, such as rent, car payment, insurance and other expenses, but attorney costs are not going to any you will have to stress about.

A lot of times you never hear from an attorney after you send them an initial check. With the Nazarian Law Firm you can reach them through text, email, phone, and fax.

The only thing we require from our clients is that they focus on recovery and heal from the suffering you have been through.

If you and your loved ones have been injured in a personal injury matter then please reach out today!

How Long Will A Personal Injury Case Take?

Every single client is unique and every single client’s case will take a different amount of time. One of the main factors in determining how long a personal injury case will take can be the amount of medical treatment necessary for recovery.

For example:

If a client gets rear ended in a car accident and breaks their legs they are going to require a significantly longer recovery period than a client who gets rear ended and suffers only minor soft tissue damage.

A factor that sets apart the Nazarian Law Firm is that we never rush our clients to complete settlement just to get a settlement quicker.

Many firms will tell their clients to complete treatment as soon as possible just so they can get paid, but what happens is the client gets screwed over in this fashion.

When you decide to settle early you cannot recover any further damages for medicals. This is never the right decision for a client because many injuries can linger and have flare ups soon after a client “is rushed” to settle a case. Once you have settled, the case you cannot recover anymore for medical services. If the client has to start up treatment again they will have to pay for everything out of pocket.

When you are in an accident you have a 2-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit against the guilty party. There is no rush to settle a case if the client is still in pain.

A typical timeline for a personal injury case can be a couple months if the injuries are minor and a couple years for significant injuries. There are so many factors involved in how long a case will last. It is important to team up with a firm that has your best interests in mind.

If you or your loved ones are injured in an accident then reach out to the Nazarian Law Firm today!

How to Handle Search and Seizures

Search and Seizures can be nerve wracking, especially if you don’t know your rights. Officers can easily intimidate a person and control the situation. It’s only in your best benefit to know your do’s and don’ts during these unforeseen incidents. The purpose of this article is to equip you with the proper knowledge to handle any situation you go through. This can protect you from illegal searches or from an officer encroaching on your personal rights. Follow these steps to properly handle a search and seizure.

Stay Calm

Remember to always stay calm because you know your rights. An officer must have probable cause to search your person, vehicle, or home. Probable Cause means reasonable grounds to search you. An officer can not merely perform a search and seizure out of desire. The facts and circumstances present must be grounds enough to reasonably infer illegal action is at play.

Document the Encounter

Whether it be you or someone else with you, pull out your phone and record the incident. If there is a video account of what happened, then there can be no question of what occurred later on. This protects you and prevents an officer from fabricating facts or violating your rights. You are entitled to record the event.

Ask questions

After the officer asks if he can search your body, ask him if you can leave. Proper questions include:

  • Am I being detained?
  • Am I free to go?
  • Am I under arrest?

If the officer can not confirm any of these then you are free to go, if he does confirm them then request ,“On what grounds am I being detained or arrested?”.

Let the officer know that you do not consent

Tell the officer explicitly that you do not consent to him searching your body or your property. Officers are trained to lead you to believe that they can search you without your consent but this is not true. You have the right to deny their request if there is no probable cause. You should always remain cooperative, but still stand your ground and know your rights.

Remain Silent

If the officer searches you and discovers either illegal contraband, paraphernalia, or some other illegal item on you, do not say anything. Instead, tell the officer you are choosing to remain silent and that you would like a lawyer. These exact words have ultimately been found to help people out in the end. Remember less is more, you don’t want to say something self incriminating on accident, it’s best just to say nothing. These rules will help protect yourself and will help your attorney better defend you if you are caught in an unfortunate situation. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact the Nazarian Law Firm.

Auto Accident Tips You Need to Know

Auto Accidents Are Scary

You find yourself on the side of a road frantically rummaging through your glove compartment for paperwork, late to work, and unsure of how you are going to pay for the damages. It becomes easy to forget things. Here’s are some tips to guide you through the accident process and ensure optimal results. Following these steps will help you with your medical and financial recovery after being involved in an auto accident.

Step 1: Call 911

Many people believe calling 911 for a small auto accident is excessive, but it’s not. I REPEAT ALWAYS CALL 911. It is only in your best interest. It is imperative for you to retrieve a police report because it will help your attorney settle the case later on, no matter how large or small the auto accident.

  • Assess if you have any injuries
  • If you are able to move call 911
  • If you are unable to move, wait for someone to come to your aid and have them call 911.

By calling the police you will likely get a police report for the auto accident. Obtaining a police report helps avoid the game of “he said, she said” when dealing with adjusters. It also solidifies the facts of the auto accident and who is really at fault.


Step 2: Take Pictures and Videos

Make sure whether it’s you, or someone else, that someone takes pictures and videos of the auto accident. Pictures should include:

  • Your injuries
  • The vehicle (damages)
  • Relevant nearby signs 
    • No u-turn, yield, stop signs, surrounding environment.

Also take pictures of any witnesses or parties involved, along with collecting their insurance and driver’s license information. Never allow someone to leave the scene before all of this is done.

What I recommend is to take a video of exactly how and where the auto accident happened. Videotape the street you drove on, the weather conditions, the street signs, and end with the video on your auto accident and show any injuries or witnesses at the scene of the incident. Lastly, videotape witnesses and get their statement if they are willing to give it.

All of these pictures and videos are hard evidence of what happened and are very valuable to your case.


Step 3: Handling Serious Injuries

If you have a serious injury and feel as if you cannot drive, TAKE AN AMBULANCE! Do not worry about the cost. Once your case is settled you WILL be reimbursed for the cost of the ride. Taking an ambulance will guarantee a police report and medical report. Above all else it’s best for your health and safety.


Step 4: Keep Track of all Paperwork

Keep a file of all police reports, medical reports, hospital bills, personal information of both parties, insurance information, and other relevant records. Even if you don’t think it’s important it could be helpful to your attorney, so keep track of everything. Even matters such as text messages between parties affiliated with the incident. Every little thing should be kept on record and relayed to your attorney.

We hope you never have to use these steps, but if you do, stay calm and follow these guidelines. If you follow each of these steps, then we are confident you will be able to recover all costs from the guilty party. Stay safe and remember, the law is on your side.

If you want a packet with the details of what to do then reach out to us. The packet is small enough to keep in your glove compartment.

What Happens in a Personal Injury Case?

No one plans on getting injured, unfortunately it takes you by surprise. You get rear ended on the freeway, you slip at work, you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. One second your perfectly healthy and the next, medical bills are piling up, and you find yourself needing a personal injury attorney. Just like paying taxes, buying a home, or balancing your check book, no one really prepares you for hiring an attorney. Instead people are thrown into it when it when it becomes necessary and have to learn as they go. It can seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t have to be. The Nazarian Law Firm wants to prepare you and educate you about the steps you will face when involved with a personal Injury case.

Information Intake

Information Intake is where your attorney will gather all of your personal information in relation to the case. This information will include the name, phone number, address, date of birth, social security, and email of all parties involved. Then your attorney will gather more pertinent information such as adjustor info, police reports, medical reports, ambulance and medical bills, as well as anything else needed to resolve your case. After this you will need to be set up with the right type of medical care to help you on the road to recovery!

Finding the Correct Medical Providers

In order for you to receive compensation you must be seeking treatment for your injuries.  This is where your attorney will help you with finding the correct chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, or even therapist, depending on the physical or mental damage sustained. If you are not seeking consistent and legitimate medical help, it is difficult for your attorney to recover compensation for your injury, whether or not you were experiencing pain. Thats why you must address your medical needs immediately to properly heal. Your attorney should NEVER rush your recovery process. You should be allowed to heal properly and fully no matter how long it takes. Some attorneys will try to rush your recovery so they can recover money sooner, but a legitimate law firm will never do this.

A Good Attorney Handles Everything

Once you become our client, we take care of everything. We reach out to the opposing council requesting all the necessary records, we handle all correspondence, we conduct all negotiating, and provide all other necessary services. The ONLY thing you should be worried about is taking care of yourself. You will have enough on your plate, so your attorney should be handling everything else. Take your time, heal, and be confident that your attorney is taking all the necessary steps to getting you the money you rightfully deserve. Once your your treatment is finished and all records are attained, your attorney will send in a demand for you.

Send in the Demand Packet

The demand packet includes all the medical reports, police reports, statements, witness declarations, income information, and all other documents necessary to settle your case. It will also include all legal citations necessary to help you receive the compensation you deserve. From this packet both sides can begin to determine the correct dollar amount to negotiate for.


The final step is negotiation. Your attorney will argue on your behalf to recovery every dollar you are entitled to. Recovering losses for pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of property, and any other injuries you may suffer as a result there of. It should be your attorney’s goal to get you the greatest dollar amount possible based off of your injuries. Eventually we will settle your case with the opposing parties insurance and recover a paycheck to put in your pocket.

We hope this clarified the steps that go into a personal injury case. If you have anymore questions or think that you might have a case, feel free to contact the Nazarian Law Firm with any inquiries.

What To Do If You Are In An Accident

What Should You Do After An Accident?

After an accident, there are certain actions you must take – and others you must avoid. The Nazarian Law firm can help you pursue the compensation you deserve, and we urge you to follow these steps so that your case can progress without difficulties.

Steps You Should Take After an Accident

#1: Call the Police
Get law enforcement on the scene so that you are protected from other vehicles moving in the area, as well as to make a police report regarding the accident. Take the name and badge number of the officers so that the report of the accident can be obtained easily at a later date.
#2: Get Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers
It could be important to have the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses, in addition to the other driver. In many cases, the responsible party could claim that they were not the cause of the accident, but the witnesses that were present could help to support your claim.
#3: Get Medical Treatment
Whether you have just had a slip & fall, a car accident, or you were injured in any other way, the most urgent issue is to get medical treatment. If you are able to move, have someone drive you to the emergency room or your doctor. This should take place as early as possible after the injury.
#4: Call The Nazarian Law Firm
Get legal representation as early as possible after the accident. At our firm, we ensure that every detail of your case is managed professionally, with your interests as our focus.

Things You Should NOT Do After An Incident

#1: Do not Admit fault or Talk about the Incident
It is important that you don’t engage in a discussion about the accident with anyone present. When law enforcement is involved, be polite and recount the incident as accurately as possible, but you may want to avoid accepting blame – it actually may have been another party’s actions that led to the accident.

#2: Do Not Communicate with Insurance Adjusters
Insurance companies, even your own, are not interested in paying out the maximum amount of compensation available. They ask questions geared toward finding ways to reduce your claim. Allow our firm to take on this task so you don’t make errors that could reduce your settlement.

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Even a minor fender bender can be an upsetting experience; a more serious accident is dangerous, with the potential for very serious injuries, whether that includes broken bones, soft tissue injuries such as bruising, strains or whiplash. The most tragic accidents can lead to permanent injuries, disabilities, disfigurement or loss of life. After any accident, the actions you take could affect your ability to get compensation. For this reason, you should not hesitate to involve our firm as soon as possible.

Black Friday Return

After spending tons of money on black Friday deals, some of you may be happy know you could be getting some of that money back. A class action lawsuit against Zara clothing company was settled this week and if you shopped at this store and saved your receipts you could retrieve a portion of the money. Zara was found to have printed more than the last four numbers of credit cards on receipts, breaking the Fair Credit Reporting Act. To file a claim follow the link below. If you ever notice a store or business is violating your rights contact the Nazarian Law Firm and we would love to answer all your questions.

Class Action Lawsuit

Class action settlement of $30-130 for every Los Angeleno. If you lived in Los Angeles between October 2005 and March 2008 and owned a phone you are entitled to receive compensation. It may not be that much money however, you rarely get money back from the city. The Nazarian Law firm wants to keep you updated on local things happening with the law. If you or someone you know is looking for legal advice, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (949)690-6211!

Go to the link below for more information,

Festival Troubles

Festival Season is coming to an end, however sometimes the effects of the festival do not end that weekend. If a friend or family member of yours attended one of these festivals like hard or escape and was charged with drug or criminal offenses the Nazarian Law Firm is here to help. We understand people make mistakes and we are not here to judge and we would love to help! So give us a call at (949) 690-6212 and let us take your case.

Nearly 500 People Arrested at Electronic Music Festivals in San Bernardino, Pomona

New Business

New business endeavors can be exciting, especially when you are opening your own business! It’s a great thing to be able to establish your vision and dive into a project that you are passionate about. A business owner takes on a significant amount of responsibility on the front end and the back end.

What exactly do we mean by this? No matter type of business you open, you take on legal responsibility. Your business is subject to the laws of the industry, state laws, and numerous other types of legal obligations. The Nazarian Law Firm has helped our clients with all legal aspects of their businesses, drawn up contracts, and most importantly helped navigate through the complicated process. We want you to be able to focus your time and attention on the growth of your vision, while we process the internal agreements.

If you or someone you know are looking to take the leap and start your own business, contact us. We would love to help you create your vision and ensure that you are secure and protected.

Here is a great article about the many different aspects of it all.

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