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The Importance of a doctor in a personal injury case

When someone undergoes an injury in an accident and decides to draw a case, there are certain steps that must be taken. Among these, the most crucial is going to a doctor and attaining a medical report immediately. When you have valid medical records that show the severity of your injury and the level of compensation you require, it helps your attorney to better retrieve full compensation for you. Stay up to date on doctors appointments and any form of rehabilitation so that those records may be presented in court. If you or one of your friends feel as though you have a personal injury case please message the Nazarian Law Firm. We would love to give you a free consultation and discuss your case.

Loss of Income versus Lost Earning Capacity

When a person is injured or involved in an accident, car or other, they usually suffer from loss of wages do to inability to attend work. However, you may also suffer from lost earning capacity, meaning that your ability to work as efficiently or do specific tasks is inhibited. For example if your shoulder or leg is injured and you can no longer perform manual labor. You want to make sure that you are compensated fully for all of your suffering. If your interested in knowing if you qualify for retrieval of loss do to an accident or injury, feel free to send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be happy to consult you on the right course of action.

Slip and Fall

If you are ever in a public location such as a retail store, parking garage, restaurant, or another place of business, you are entitled to a certain level of safety. If you encounter a slip and fall, or are injured on the premises due to negligence, you may receive compensation for any personal injuries. The Nazarian Law Firm has been successful in retrieving significant compensation for our clients who have suffered from a slip and fall and would like to help you as well. If you feel like this may have happened to you, let us know and we can consult you on whether or not you have a legitimate case. Check out this interesting article for more information!

Personal Injury

When a person is injured in an accident, many times they look to their insurance companies to help them gain compensation. However, many insurance agencies are looking to pay you the least amount possible. That’s why it is important to retain a lawyer who can fight for the full amount owed to you. Check out this interesting article about what’s like working with insurance agencies after an accident.

New Website Launch

The Nazarian Law Firm is excited to announce our newly redesigned website! We hope that the new, more easily navigational site will help you find the information you need faster and easier. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Our goal is to make our services as accessible as possible. Have a nice day everyone

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